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At Missives we take the time to understand our clients, listen and interpret, bring ideas for function and connectivity to spaces and ultimately create an engaging experience for our clients in their homes.

Our design focus is authenticity, longevity and beauty. We want you to love what you have and get joy from your home each and every day.

Some of our projects are scheduled as concept to completion, others are ongoing in stages, often over years.

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“Wow. I can't recommend Katie from Missives enough. We developed a brief with Katie as to what we were hoping to achieve with our renovation in Highvale. We sat down and established what we liked and didn't like along with a budget and then 'wow' Katie came to life! She presented boards of ideas bringing concepts together with options to suit different price ranges. Katies knowledge in construction was an added benefit as we trusted throughout the whole renovation process that Katie would be keeping a close eye on not only the interior design but the construction and she worked together with our builder Stewart from SBF Design and Construct like a dream. Words can not express how amazing our renovation has turned out. The functionality, the beauty, the amazing detail to every finish. It has to be seen to be believed. Thank you Katie. You have turned our family home into a haven. Nic, James, Bella, Max and Zach.”

- Nicole, Highvale

“Missives provided us with a design service perfect for a busy, working family. There was flexibility to do as little or as much as we wanted, when we were ready. Katie’s service is end to end from design concepts, floor plans, project supervision of construction and design for cabinetry, furniture and decorator items. As a well connected designer with a wide range of suppliers, Katie provided me with inexpensive pieces through to bespoke items for the family to enjoy for years to come. If anything is not right Katie will ensure it is fixed because she has great attention to detail and that is her nature.The time taken at the outset of the project to really understand my family and our needs has resulted in a renovation with beautiful, welcoming spaces which we use and enjoy every day.”

- Marianne, Ashgrove

“We were very fortunate to have Katie from Missives to manage our renovations as it made everything smoother. Katie has a practical and flexible approach, with clever and beautiful designs, and she maintains absolute professionalism throughout the whole project. This combination of her talents made all the difference to our final result and we couldn’t be more happy with our beloved home.”

- Janette, Camp Mountain